I'm driven to design and develop useful and generous things.

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Chap Ambrose
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Photocracy.org Screenshot


Prioritize photos with your group.

A fun project with Professor Matt Salganik and friends at Princeton University.

I designed the website and programmed the front-end. I also helped refractor some of the open source code powering the site.

PackLate.com Screenshot


Sweet deals on vacation rentals.

A Philadelphia startup focused on selling the oversupply of vacation rentals to last-minute vacationers.

I was one of three developers who helped launch the site. I assisted in developing the backend and took charge of the interface design and front-end programming.

HighNoon Screenshot


Shop management software for screen printers.

HighNoon brings clarity and flow to print shops.

I completed all research, design, and programming.

My partner, Andy Mullins, is an expert in the design and printing industry and led sales and marketing.

QuestionSense Screenshot


Great questions to ask plumbers, babysitters, and more.

Our teeny development team put this together in a couple months. Front-end design and information architecture was done by Katie Inglis. Client and server side development by me.

Anthillz Screenshot


The business network powered by trust.

A small startup in Philadelphia where I spearheaded user experience.

I facilitated contextual research with the team and was responsible for interface design and programming.

PATH Hypothermia Database Screenshot

Hypothermia Database

A reporting tool for the PENN Hospital and the Children's Hospital to track the success of an experimental hypothermia treatment.

I was responsible for the site architecture and user interface.

This project was a collaboration with the gentlemen at Neomind Studio.


  • Programming Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript (learning Objective-C, Cocoa, Processing)
  • Information Architecture process flow diagrams, concept mapping, entity-relationship models
  • User Testing think aloud studies, heuristic evaluations, cognitive walkthrough
  • Contextual Research contextual inquiry, participatory observation, interviews
  • Software Adobe suite, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, Mac & PC


  • Developer and Designer, GeminiSBS | 2010 - current
    I help develop and maintain a suite of web applications, SASS products, and large grant funded portals. Often on these projects, I work as the user advocate, focusing on usability and interaction design. I also do visual design and backend implentation programming.
  • Developer and Designer, PackLate; Philadelphia, PA | 2009 - 2010
    I was one of three developers who helped launch the site. I assisted in developing the backend and took charge of the interface design and front-end programming.
  • Product Sheriff, Sasparilla Software | 2008 - 2009
    A two man shop focused on crafting web applications for screen printers. Individually I am responsible for all interface design, front-end programming and back-end development.
  • Developer, Local Planet; Devon, PA | 2009
    A startup helping families make better buying decisions. I wireframed and architected their first public site, QuestionSense. I also helped brainstorm and prototype their second offering.
  • Developer, myJambi; New York, New York | 2008
    A social startup focusing on the buying and selling of personal services. I was part of the small, distributed team that maintains the primary product and develops new features.
  • Head of Design, Anthillz; Philadelphia, PA | 2008
    A small startup in Philadelphia where I spearheaded user experience. I helped introduce a user-centered process to our iterative development cycle.
  • Outcomes Management Specialist, Project HOME | 2006 - 2008
    I was challenged to improve the flow of communication throughout the organization. I took the initiative to create a web-based tool for recording emergencies and incidents after experiencing the breakdowns of the existing paper system.


  • Austin Center for Design | May 2011
    Certificate in Interaction Design & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Savannah College of Art & Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts | June 2006
    Industrial Design Major, Interaction Design Minor
  • Presenting Data and Information | March 2005
    Edward Tufte; Atlanta, Georgia

Other Work

Baseball Concept Map

Baseball Deconstructed

A visual explanation of the large and complex domain of baseball describing the patterns, systems and relationships that develop throughout a game.

This design was printed on A2 poster board to give a detailed overview of baseball for novices.

Houseless Cards

Houseless Cards

A simple retail display containing playing cards that would be placed at coffee shops. Instead of giving a person that is experiencing homelessness your pocket change, you ask them to sit down and play cards.

The basic needs of people living in the US can be addressed by the uninspired systems and public services we have in place. However, a social barrier still remains between mainstream society and people in need. This product attempts to encourage interaction and dialogue between these two groups.

Enhanced Media Control

This was a four week project to rethink the interaction between people and their TV. Initial research included contextual observation and think-aloud usability studies to understand trends in home entertainment and identify issues with current systems.

Video filmed by Josh Goleman.

LambsList icon designs

Icon Design

Designed for LambsList.

Part of a touchscreen interface I also developed.

Ambient Atmos

A digital lifestyle and fashion accessory that illustrates the natural sky's current conditions. It connects to a nationwide wireless network to display the hue of the sky at your exact location.

Developed with Daniel Nadeau. Sketches by Meghan Kinder.

Part Time Studios

Part Time Studios

An artist workspace and gallery I co-founded and shared with my 8 closest friends.

Located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.